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Get Your Perfect Tan

Our beauty Editor has put to the test some of the supposedley best fake tans on the Market!

VespaSpa Spray tan

This is an automated tan where you stand in a booth and it sprays you without a person spraying you (great if you don't want to get your bits out infront of a stranger!)

The colour went on evenly and was a gorgeous golden glow (not orange) & stayed on for over a week.


St Tropez

I decided to get a St Tropez spray tan, I regualry use the fake tan so thought this would be a great one as I adore their products.... But sadly I was wrong :( I had the spray tan and didn't even change colour, so after a while as the colour didn't develop I went back and got resprayed. I changed colour slightly. The colour was more of a natural colour but it had no smell so if your used to being quite dark this is not the tan for you! However if you want a light natural look and are new to tanning this could be perfect!


Fake Bake Flawless

My personal favourite, I use this all the time.The tan comes with a soft mitt which allows you to apply a streak free tan. I find the colour adjusts to my skin almost straight away and if im extra pale I can always add another layer without going orange.

The colour is a gorgeous celebrity brown, which lasts until you scrub it off.


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