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The Perfect Pedicure

Brought to you by our Beauty Editor Gail

How to achieve the perfect pedicure

Get beach ready from top to toe with our handy tips. Time to give your feet a treat by giving yourself a perfect pedicure.


1.First remove any old nail varnish then soak your feet for ten minutes in warm soapy water

We love Scholl soothing foot bath. Remove any hard skin with a pumice stone.

2.Next cut your toenails straight across and file.

3.Massage your feet with foot cream, we love CCS Foot Care cream.

4.Push back your cuticles using a cuticle stick.

5.Paint your nails using a base coat which helps fill in any ridges and prevents your nail varnish

staining the nails.

Then give your nails two coats of nail varnish in a bright holiday colour and finally a layer of top coat

To help your nail varnish last longer.

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