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Get Your Bikini Body in 2 Weeks!

Look Great in Your Bikini & Trim Your Tummy In Just 2 Weeks !

Booked a last minute holiday or left it too late to be beach bikini ready? Don’t panic try our two week tummy shrinking diet targeted to attack your tummy fat tried and tested not only by ourselves but also clinically proven by cardiologist Dr William Davis.

Too good to be true! That’s what we thought especially when I read I could still drink my red wine and eat cheese (Two things I can’t live without!) By eliminating just one key ingredient from your daily eating habits, no not sugar or even fat but WHEAT and replace with the right foods, your body won’t lack any vital nutrients and you can achieve a flatter tummy and look great in your bikinis. By real foods we mean meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables (except potatoes and sweetcorn), salad, avocados, raw nuts and seeds olives and extra- virgin olive oil.

So let the expression no carbs till Marbs be yours for 2 weeks!

To start you on the right track here is your first days meal plan:-

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (using as many eggs as you like) using extra-virgin olive oil in the pan instead of butter, adding cheese and or mushrooms.

Lunch: Greek salad made from chopped cucumber, tomato wedges, cubed feta cheese, black olives, mixed lettuce leaves dressed with extra- virgin oilve oil and fresh lemon.

Dinner: Beef stir fry made from thinly sliced beef, spring onions chopped, sliced mushrooms, broccoli , bamboo shoots, ginger, a chopped de-seeded chillie, sesame seeds and shirataki noodles (available from supermarkets and health food shops) cooked in sesame oil.

Serve with a glass of red wine. Enjoy!

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