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The Ibiza Swimwear Guidebook

Going to Ibiza? You need this complete Ibiza Swimwear guide to help you choose what to wear!

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Zoo Project

Zoo Project is an Island must it's great it you like dressing up and most girls go to town to look like their fave animal. You'll see plenty of girls with glitter paint all over their bodies, which you can get done from the makeup artists on the San Antonio Strip.

Most girls choose to wear animal print swimwear for Zoo Project. Shop our animal print swimwear range now

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This day time beach club is the glamest of them all so you will need our glam Ibiza Swimwear for this one.

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By the Pool

Look cool by the pool in our Ibiza Swimwear . Go for a chilled look with a hint of glam as you'll be wanting to make those heads turn.

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